Omega Steel Building Solutions Affiliation

Here at Aircraft Hangars we are Omega Steel Building Solutions (OSB) trading as Aircraft Hangars. We designed and developed this dedicated Aircraft storage website as there was a gap in the market for aircraft owners up and down the country looking for storage on airfields and/or private property. We was originally formed for the supply for a leading cold rolled frame steel building provider OSB’s  location in the Midlands (Worcestershire) is a greatly favourable as it allows nationwide supply of materials and also greater logistics with being able to serve it’s customers from a central point.

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The team employed by Omega Steel Building Solutions have many years of experience in the field and a vast knowledge of the steel construction industry. Our experience in the market gives the technical know-how on how and what to manufacture depending on the customers’ needs.

The presence of a collation point enables the inspection and distribution of materials to the satisfaction of our customers and the end users.

To utilize the knowledge of our team we have ventured into the supply of associated products in the steel industry. Omega steel buildings offer a wide range of rail solution, metal cladding, fixing systems and components. This is thanks to the buying power, management system and knowledge. These materials are created to suit, the company is also a major aluminum roller door distributor.

The company’s main objective is to ensure that we get it right the first time and every time. It is also our aim to provide solutions when they are required and whenever expected.

Omega Steel Building Solutions

The Omega Steel Buildings base of operations is at Kidderminster in Worcestershire. This makes it easy to transport nationwide to it’s clients’ sites and it is more pocket friendly. Through collection our team ensures that the materials are of high standards. Our buildings are designed to the latest designs and we always ensure that customers are completely satisfied by our kit.

Once a customer has ordered materials from our industry, we always ensure a high customer satisfaction, providing on-site inspections/surveys and making sure they can benefit from everything we have to offer.

Omega Steel Building Solutions is a supplier of steel framed buildings of both large and small buildings, with our on-site software and technical expertise we can provide quality designs that cater for unique requests or in hard to reach areas. Our frames are manufactured using high yield strengths and come cold rolled which helps with weight saving but gaining maximum strength and durability. Cold rolled profiles are known to have a better strength to weight ratio when compared to other steel building methods, this is a great way to reduce incurred costs.

Steel Building with roller door

Cladding systems

Omega Steel Buildings also ensure that they have a wide range of supply of steel cladding solutions. When it comes to meeting the expectations of our customers and delivery of the products, the company ensures that no short cuts are made and provide quality materials that are built to last.

Total customer focused service

At Omega we utilise our software to help in the reduction of costs that would have been incurred during the design process. Previously, traditional designs were known to be quite expensive. The quality of our materials is accurate due to the fact the software’s feed files to the manufacturing process. This helps in reducing the scope of human error.

The cold rolled materials have been quite popular over the years. They are used in our steel buildings mainly as a secondary support and also to help create the main frame. Its materials advancement enables it to reduce a significant amount of weight from steel frames. the weight reduction on the materials is an advantage since it virtually eliminates the need of heavier and costly plant hires. The weight loss will also reduce erection time. The requirements that are needed at the base are reduced thanks to the light weight.


So when buying from Aircraft Hangars, you are buying from a reputable source that has a large customer base with bespoke management systems to ensure your project gets done correctly, as it should.